In collaboration with: 

Landscape: Ed Hollander

Builder: Wright & Co. 


Reinterpreting a Stick Style Mansion

Occasionally a project will challenge every principle an architect holds dear. Originally built in 1885, the Maycroft estate in 2004 was neither salvageable nor restorable. Though listed on the National Register, Maycroft’s historical importance resided in its silhouette on the horizon of Sag Harbor Village: an image engrained in the minds of an entire community. So, when other architects recommended demolition, we proposed a different approach, one we later came to understand as Reinterpretation. Today, Maycroft remains on the National Register, and on the Village horizon, yet little else of the original remains. 

-Period Homes, July 2010
-Maycroft – The History of a House 2011

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2010 Palladio Award
2009 Archi Design Award from Peconic Charter AIA