In collaboration with: 

Landscape: Brady Mitchell Anderson 

Builder: Cardel Development


The Lanes in Amagansett have historically been a cottage-scaled community; however, recent residential development has begun to overshadow the local vernacular. Positioning the house perpendicular to the street allows the home to meet the client’s needs while maintaining a modest facade towards the Lanes.

Covered porches extend from the circulation path, allowing for abundant natural light in the winter while providing necessary shade from the hot summer heat. At the center, the porch overhang breaks to allow for increased sunlight into the double height living and dining room.  This central space acts as the family cabin; an open living space for the client’s modern lifestyle.  Operable windows and doors facing the yard provide a flow of fresh air and blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor rooms.  

Anchoring the pool onto the house provides a calming water feature for dinner parties as well as an unobstructed view of the yard during active summer pool parties.  Accessory buildings bound the yard to give focus to the outdoor living space.

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Amagansett Lanes

2013 Honor Award in Architecture from Peconic Chapter AIA